UX at The World's Largest Touch Screen Installation

  • Guideline Definition
  • User Research
  • User Testing
  • UI Design

Located at the Queensland University of Technology, The Cube is the largest touch screen installation of its kind in the world.

Housed within the science and engineering faculty of the Queensland University of Technology, it was built with the primary purpose of engaging with students of high school age, as well as to serve as a center of public activity on university grounds.

While I was there, I worked across a number of teams to provide guidance in the UX space.

Some of the things I covered in my time there included:

  • Organising and running user testing sessions
  • Facilitating ideation workshops with users and stakeholders
  • Wireframing and UI design

In total, I worked on 9 different projects during my time there. Some of the notable projects I worked on included a massive virtual Great Barrier Reef, as well as a visualisation of the 2011 Brisbane floods that made use of social media content.

The best part of the job was easy access to users. I could wander downstairs to watch users as they played with the Cube and ask them questions.

The Cube QUT
People using The Cube QUT
The Virtual Reef
The Virtual Reef
Flood Wall
User Testing
Idea Workshop
Affinity Mapping
Draw The Box
Workshop outcomes